Atmosphere Controlled Cold Storage Room

Controlled atmoshpere cold storage is a type of storage method using special technology. By using controlled atmosphere cold storage, natural aging process of fruits and vegetables is slowed down by lowering the level of oxygen and keeping CO2 in certain levels. Additionally, this system prevents bacterial growth and spread, and doubles storage life of the product without the use of any chemicals. Along with the increased emphasis on quality and constant availability in fruit and vegetable consumption, the significance in the use of controlled atmosphere storage is increasing all around the world.

They also manufacturing the controlled atmosphere cold storage doors, offers complete solutions for the storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, by providing isolation, ultrasonic humidifying equipment and suitable humidity sensors. Controlled atmosphere storage, which lengthens storage durations two or three times more particularly for apples, pomegranates, grapes, pears and kiwis, allows producers to market their products with the best selling prices.

Global leading apple producing countries sell their produce at high prices on international markets. The reason for this is that apples are stored in controlled atmosphere storage to keep their fresh-like characteristics, rather than the success of production. Many large producers either sell their products at lower prices due to post harvest losses and spoilage, or cannot deliver their products at all.