Blast Freezer Facility

Shock freezing is a pre-cooling method to preserve a food product for a long time, and retrieve it as fresh at the end of storage period. Through process of pushing cold air at high velocity across a food product to freeze it as quickly as possible, the temperature of the product is brought down to very low degrees. Through the efficient cold air (-35°C to -40°C), which is applied to the product when it is the freshest, the product temperature is reduced as quickly as possible, further being reduced to freezing point. In this way, the product is now ready to be preserved retaining its quality and freshness. Shock freezing method used for red meat, fish, chicken, bakery products, fruits and vegetables is becoming more widely used.

Shock freezing is a critical process to keep foodstuffs as fresh as possible and hygienically for a long time. Just as the storage conditions are different for each product, shock-freezing methods are also different. Cantek has a wide range of products for shock freezing along with having extensive expertise in food storage and processing.


Factors such as designing shock-freezing rooms correctly, appropriate choice of machines based on the caharacteristics of the product to be shocked and external environment parameters, maintaining uniform distribution of cold air throughout the cold room, using correct panels and doors for perfect isolation, and obtaining efficient operating conditions providing energy savings should be taken into consideration as a whole. Cantek develops and uses the most advanced technology in cold storage, also providing the users with the correct products and applications in shock freezing rooms.