Banana Ripening Room

Banana, one of the most produced fruits in the world, is harvested when it is still green. After its short storage period of 6-7 weeks, two important processes begin: degreening (improving the colour of the peel of bananas) and ripening (bringing the fruit into desired taste, colour and quality).

Special rooms, where special conditions are provided for these processes, are needed for this process. Bananas are kept in these special rooms from 3 to 8 days in certain temperature, humidity and ethylene values before being put on the market. They are also exposed to special type of ventilation. All these processes should be carried out based on the market expectations with extremely accurate approach and in appropriate rooms.

Cantek has an extensive experience in food storing industry both through its projects and educational works. As a result of this extensive experience, the company provides solutions based on user expectations in terms of banana degreening and ripening rooms.