Vegetable cleaner machine

Where some types of vegetable only need a single type of cleaner machine in the production line, others need a little more processing. Allround offers the right cleaning equipment for many different types of produce. These can be used to separate dirt and stones from the vegetables and to wash them for a thoroughly clean result.

A vegetable cleaner machine for every part of the cleaning process

Allround offers many different types of a vegetable cleaner machine. Each of these has their own function and is more suited for certain types of produce. Examples of our cleaner machines and their use include:

  • Washing machines that clean produce with the help of water.
  • Skin separators that remove floating pieces from vegetables.
  • Destoners that separate dirt and stones from produce.
  • Adjustable roller sets for pre-cleaning and pre-grading.
  • Onion toppers that cut off the tail from onions.
  • Leaf separators that remove leaves from carrots.
  • Brushing machines with wave shaped brushed that clean dust off vegetables.
  • Finger roller sets that take out loose skin and dirt.
  • String graders that separate undersized produce or stones.

Depending on your requirements for vegetable cleaning, we can take up one or more of these machines in your production line.

Purchase high-quality machinery at a competitive price

What type of vegetable cleaner machine do you want for your production facility? Let us know and we will deliver a high-end machine at a competitive price. You do not need to wait long for your equipment, thanks to our short delivery times. This means you will have your destoner machine, skin separator, onion topper or other vegetable cleaner machine soon. Next to that we also offer complete production lines that include cleaning equipment. You can even count on us for storage solutions, such as a storage tank.