Grading machines

Grading machines sort produce based on their size. Different types of produce require different grading machines. Therefore you can choose from a variety of grading equipment at Allround. We can even deliver a customized solution that perfectly fits the existing production line or deliver a complete production line, should you need one.

Grading machines in different types and sizes

There are five different types of grading machines you can choose from. These are available in different sizes and can be altered to fit your needs. The possibilities include:

  • A shake grader in which potatoes are sorted based on their size with the help of moving sieves.
  • A screen sizer that sorts produce according to square or hexagonal size.
  • A radial grader with grading rolls at different distances that sort the produce onto conveyer belts.
  • A chunk or length grader that sorts carrots and similarly shaped produce by either taking out undersized or oversized products.
  • A sting grader that separates either under or oversized produce and stones.

The specifications for each of our grading machines can be found on the respective pages.

Food handling equipment for every step of the process

Grading machines are not the only part of the production line you can count on us for. We also deliver custom machinery for other parts of the production process. These include tipping boxes, destoners and leaf separators. We can deliver a complete vegetable processing line with machines for receiving, sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, and bagging. Thanks to our short delivery times, these are delivered to you quickly.