Automation has reached almost every comer of modern warehouses/Factories, but one oreo often still locks efficiency-the Dispotch dock in facilities that require the loading and unloading of cases, many times, workers are required to manually lift and handle each case.
The Truck Loading/unloading is the new and innovative approach to docking operations by Bakshi Mark Pvt Ltd. It combines of telescopic Conveyor Which quickly handle cases inside a shipping truck.
This eliminates the need for a worker to work inside a dark, cramped trailer, improving overall ergonomics and workplace safety.
Bakshi Mark Pvt Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of Telescopic Conveyor. This conveyor is designed for express companies for loading & unloading small trucks/vans/ vehicles.
Our Telescopic Conveyors is a portable solution which provides highly efficient and time saving solutions for loading & Unloading.
This is an efficient, lost and an economical solution for loading and unloading of cartons/ bags/Packages into and from trucks / Containers
  • Faster Loading/Unloading
  • Reduce 50% handling cost
  • Know More Increase Efficiency
  • Plug & Play Model
  • Save Time, Energy & Money