Vaccine Cold Storage

The production of vaccines developed against Covid 19 has increased the need for vaccine cold storages. Healthy vaccine storage can only be provided in ultra-cold storages that require high technology.

We develop the most innovative technologies in the field of cooling, can produce all vaccine storage solutions between -80 and +4 degrees according to user needs. It brings solutions to eliminate the cold chain problem for all Covid 19 vaccines to reach the end user in a healthy way. , especially for the Pfizer and Biontech vaccines. These include mobile container vaccine cold storage and fixed logistic vaccine cold storage. We develop projects according to user demand, produces vaccine cold storages in a short time and makes turnkey installations all over the world.

For all institutions that need these special cold storages such as healthcare institutions, hospitals, laboratories, logistics warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions; We also;

  • provides energy savings up to 71%
  • offers the service of remote monitoring for vaccine cold rooms from a single centre
  • provides periodic reports for the data, such as energy consumption, changes in heat-humidity
  • offers services from all around the world