Box filling

Box filling is an important part of your packaging line. Different types of produce require different box fillers. Therefore, Allround offers a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to box filling machines. This way, you are certain to find the equipment you need that fits both the type of produce you process and your production line.

Box filling machine in a variety of types, shapes and sizes

At Allround we offer four different types of the box filling machine. These can be altered to fit your needs and connect well to the rest of your line machinery. The general types include:
  • Vertical box fillers that can fill boxes of various sizes with a reduced fall height.
  • BigBag fillers that have a fall damping system that adjust to the level of product in the BigBag.
  • Vibration plates that fill boxes completely while limiting product damage.
  • Horizontal box fillers that feature a reduced drop height and fill products in the box through the use of horizontal belts.
Which type of box filling machine best suits your needs, depends on the type of produce you process and the speed and capacity at which production takes place. We are happy to advise you on the right box filler for your application.