Tipping box

Do you need a tipping box for your production line? Allround has many different types in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find the machinery you need. We offer complete solutions that can be customized to fit your requirements and are delivered to you quickly, thanks to our short delivery times. Next to that, our equipment has an excellent price-quality ratio, which means you buy high-end machinery at a competitive price.

Find the perfect tipping box for your produce handling line

What type of tipping box best suits your needs, depends on the kind of produce you handle, the required capacity and where it is placed in your production line. Allround provides a variety of tipping boxes, including:
  • A box tipper with a storage hopper that is mainly for potato and onion handling.
  • A simple box tipper that feeds your processing line or machines.
  • A drop limit box tipper that reduces fall damage to a minimum.
  • A reverse box tipper for minimized product damage.
  • A cabbage box filler that turns the box on a belt and then feeds the line.
Thanks to our broad product range, you are sure to find the production machines you need. Should you require a different size of machine or one with an altered capacity, we can deliver a customized solution.