Poultry Slaughterhouse and Processing Facilities

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Rapid growth of the world population particularly after the ‘50s has exceeded 7.5 billion in 2019. The biggest problem that comes along with this growth is food and nutrition problems. Chicken plays a significant role in the solution to these problems. Annual worldwide chicken meat production reached 110 million tonnes. Chicken is estimated to be the most produced types of meat after 2020.

High demand of meat consumption, and therefore steady growth in the amount of production brought about the development of industrial slaughtering and packaging facilities. We offer turnkey industrial slaughtering and processing facility projects that prioritise technological, fast, efficient and automated systems in order to meet the needs in a timely manner. We also have mobile slaughterhouse projects.

By developing innovative, sustainable and tailor made chicken processing facilities, Our aim to lead users to high levels of success.

  • With vast knowledge and flexible manufacturing systems, We offer the services of:
  • Project consulting
  • Manufacturing slaughtering processing equipment and cooling systems  
  • Servicing/installation
  • Revision and spare parts

Along with the services above, the company provides efficiency to facilities thanks to its cooling technology providing energy savings up to 71%. 

  • We can generate local and fast solutions for all potential service and facility development needs with its administrative and technical teams well trained in their expertise. We deliver the best solutions for all the below services such as:
  • Halal cutting systems (Full automatic, semi-automatic or manual cutting)
  • Automatic / manual eject line
  • Water cooling / air cooling
  • Shredding / Sorting / Packaging

We have extensive experience in establishing chicken slaughterhouse and processing facilities on global markets, and provides single-handed services including project designing, production, installation, servicing, warranty and remote monitoring.