Palletizer machine

Do you need a palletizer machine to make your bags of produce ready for shipment? Then Allround has the machine you need. Our palletizer, for instance, can automatically palletize your produce. It is a cooperation between our company and Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions that helps you make palletizing even more efficient.

Purchase a palletizer machine or a complete packaging line

Another palletizer machine that you can find at Allround is the pallet shaper. This tool can be hooked up to your bagging machine, so that bags are placed on the pallet inside it. Once the right number of bags is placed on the pallet, the door can be opened, and the pallet lifted out by a forklift. After that, it can be wrapped and is ready for shipment. A palletizer machine and complete packaging lines are not the only solutions we offer, however. You can also count on us for other parts of your production line. Our machines can be used for receival, sorting, grading, washing, drying, weighing, bagging, and much more. It is even possible to have us deliver a customized production line that has all the machinery you need to handle your vegetables.