Carrot lines

There are four different carrot processing lines you can choose from at Allround. Each of these lines can be customized to meet your requirements and to perfectly suit your production facility. With us, you are ensured of high-end equipment that meets your requirements in terms of processing speed, capacity, and more.

Choose from a variety of carrot processing lines

For each of our carrot processing lines, you can find an exact list of the machinery that is a part of it. There is a clear picture of the full line with the possibility to zoom in on the various parts. The estimated capacity in terms of tons per hour is also listed for both heavy and light soil. This way, you have all the information you need to make a well informed decision about which of our carrot processing lines you should buy. Are you still in doubt after having gone through all the details? No problem, we are happy to advise you on the matter.

Adjust the machinery to meet your every demand

Our carrot processing lines include hoppers, transportation belts, washing machines, and grading equipment. You can make the line as extensive as you wish, so that it meets your every requirement. Next to that, the separate machines can be switched out for other models, should this be necessary. We can deliver a customized solution that is optimized for your production facility. This makes the production line more efficient. It is definitely worth it to invest in our equipment, as it has an excellent price-quality ratio.