Customization and know-how
Onions, potatoes or carrots? You have them of all kinds and sizes. The processing also differs per question. What will you are going to do with your onions, about which variety do we have it and on which continent do they grow? Is the harvest already in storage or does it still have to be taken off the land? If so, do you do that manually or mechanically? And how many tons do we have it by the month or year?
Questions, many questions for the entire process of your agricultural product. From harvesting to handing it over to you customer. Deltadutch’s project architects have a long tradition in the world fresh produced products and gladly provide you with a turnkey solution. They understand that growing onions in for example New Zealand requires a completely different approach around the equator. Money also plays a role, because the budget of one Andean farmer is nothing compared to that of a farmer Washington state with massive production. So it comes down to customization and know-how.
What can you expect from Deltadutch?
We promise no mountains of gold, but we sincerely say so doing business with Deltadutch has no fraying edges. Appointment is appointment, even if a project goes differently than planned or it costs our money. This means doing what you promise and each other addressing responsibilities. That’s already how it works decades at Verbruggen Palletizing and the same culture is in it the Deltadutch DNA.

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