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““Glasshouse or open field seed productions, if you are able to choose from the different threshing methodologies Seed Processing Holland offers, there is no (open air) vegetable seed or crop they can not thresh. A clean final result and no seed damage is possible, thanks to the smart design of their machinery!”
Seed Polishing
Polishing or brushing of seeds is eminently suitable for making seeds smoother and therefor they have a better sow ability like e.g. tomato, carrot, spinach and beet seeds.
Seed Air Screen Cleaning
The Air Screen Cleaning is absolutely suitable for separation of chaffs, soil and or stones from seeds in order to improve the seed purity (this procedure is the start in every seed cleaning process).
Seed Air Cleaning
Air Separation is extremely suitable to divide chaffs or empty seeds from viable seeds. Using technology based on density differences, the purity and germination capacity of the seed lot will be improved.
Seed Indent Cylinder
An Indent Cylinder is very suitable for separating seeds based on length. This technique is highly suitable for separating e.g. chaffs from elliptical shaped seeds like lettuce or carrot seeds.
Seed Gravity (Density) Separator
A Seed Gravity Separator is definitely suitable for the quality upgrading of seed lots, by making a separation between the different particle densities.
Seed Calibration (Sizer)
Calibration (sizing) is highly suitable for exact flat sizing of seeds based on thickness or length, using high accurate screens, with the objective to create an uniform plant growth.
Magnetic Seed Separator
Magnetic Separation is perfect to separate seed lots which contain weeds (e.g. gallium), soil parts, germinated or damaged seeds by using iron powder, water and applying an unique magnetic separation technology.
Seed Belt Grader
Belt Grading is ideally suitable for the separation of round shaped seeds from flatter shaped seeds or particles like plant fibers or flower stems when sorting brassica’s, spinach and or beet seeds.
Seed Spiral Separator
A spiral separator is idealy suitable for separating round shapped seeds from flatter shaped seeds or the separation of sclerotia from radish or cabbage seeds.
Seed Blender
Blending (mixing) is very suitable to create a homogeneous seed lot of different lots of the same variety.