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““In Seed Processing Holland we found a partner, to offer us the seed germination equipment we needed to get the maximum potential and performance out of our seeds. It is a critical factor in our seed business and throughout the supply chain that the lots are tested to deliver the best seed quality to our customers!”
Seed Germination
Germination is really effective to predict the maximum potential and performance like the germination speed and viability of all kinds of seeds and seedlings.
Seed Storage
Storage is extremely important for preserving the seed quality by using an adjustable and accurate low air temperature and humidity.
Seed Planting Heads & Vacuum Systems
The positioning, counting and planting of seeds by means of a seeding head. By means of creating a controlled air vacuum through a perforated plate, seeds are singled in front of each perforated hole. Because of this the seeds can then be quickly planted, by releasing the vacuum, on your germination paper (petri-dish) or soil sample.