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““Glasshouse or open field seed productions, if you are able to choose from the different threshing methodologies Seed Processing Holland offers, there is no (open air) vegetable seed or crop they can not thresh. A clean final result and no seed damage is possible, thanks to the smart design of their machinery!”
Seed Belt Thresher
Belt Treshers are very suitable for threshing crops that are sensitive for seed damage like beans, radish, onion, leek or cabbage seeds.
Seed Rotary Thresher
Rotary Threshers are extremely suitable for threshing almost any crops like for example celery, carrot till spinach seeds.
Seed Pin Thresher
Pin threshers are highly suitable for threshing finial families like brassica’s, radish or other cabbage seeds.
Seed Pre-cleaners
Pre-cleaning of seeds is very efficient to remove plant material like ( e.g. chaffs, debris, stick, dust and soil) after a threshing process.
Plant Material Elevator
These plant material elevators are used to feed for example onion or leek seed umbels, into our rotary seed thresher TMM-4210 and other elevators can be connected and used for discharging the waste after threshing into a larger waste bin or big bag. By using these elevators the threshing process will be more consistent and automized.