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“There are many solutions in transporting seeds in your organisation. It depends on the lot sizes. Luckaly Seed Processing Holland has many systems available using containers, elevators or vacuum and pneumatic transportation to get your seeds from A to B, and by keeping in mind all what is important for a seed company. So no dust, no seed damage and seed contamination risk free.”
Seed Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors are outstanding in transporting seeds or plant material in a controlled way.
Seed Container
Containers are ideally suitable for the safe storage and transportation of seeds between your seed processing stations.
Seed Bucket Elevator
Bucket elevators are suitable for transporting seeds with a high capacity in between the different steps.
Seed Box Turning
Box Turning or Tipping is very suitable for a dust free turning (emptying) of e.g. octabins, trial wall bins or boxes filled with seeds or plant material into the next process step.
Seed Vacuum Transport
Vacuum transport is a compact and flexible system to transport seeds quickly, without any seed damage, between different machines.
Plant Material Elevator
These plant material elevators are used to feed for example onion or leek seed umbels, into our rotary seed thresher TMM-4210 and other elevators can be connected and used for discharging the waste after threshing into a larger waste bin or big bag. By using these elevators the threshing process will be more consistent and automized.